What’s in my bag?

My photography set up.


Billingham Camera Bag


X-E1 set up

  1. Fuji X-E1
  2. Manual Prime Lenses (Legacy Canon FD Glass) 35mm, 50mm
  3. Manual Vivitar 28mm
  4. Samyang 12mm
  5. K&F FD to FX adaptors


X100T Set Up (travel light set up)

  1. X100T
  2. 3 Spare Battery
  3. 3 (64 gb) Sd Cards
  4. iPhone 7
  5. iPod 160 gb
  6. WD ultra 2 tb external hard drive 
  7. Ray-Ban Wayfarer
  8. Small notebook and Pen  


Travel Set-Up 

  1. X100T (Main Camera)
  2. X-pro1 (Back up)
  3. Sayang 12mm (For Architecture and Landscape Photography)
  4. Fuji 35mm f2 (Normal lens incase my X100T stops working)
  5. Fuji 50mm f2 (Portrait Lens)


That’s it folks ! 😈


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