Perfect Strangers !

Most street photographers do not ask permission when taking people’s photograph. That is because photographers are not required to do so. Some say, “asking permission changes the game of street photography.” I disagree ! For me, it all depends on the project that I am working on and there is no such thing as street photography rules that is written in stone. Thus, in my opinion. There is no right or wrong in street photography. All the rules that the experts or professionals are talking about are just guides on how to shoot street photography or photography in general. What matters to me is to get into the scene, take the shot as close as 1 or 2 metres, leave and move to the next scene without being confronted or shouted at. Here’s some photos taken with permission.

img_4136Infiniti Model

dsc_0018She’s got the look.

_pjo4586Beautiful eyes ! 

img_4135She’s gorgeous isn’t she?

_pjo5291Lovely smile

_pjo4322_editit works well in mono.

img_4134She’s stunning !

img_2491Nice hair colour !

_pjo1007Up close and personal 


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