Paintings on the wall.

One Sunday afternoon in the summer of 2014, my wife decided to shop in one of London’s market located in Brick lane-East London. Unsure of what to look/buy for, I got bored following my wife going around the market. So I decided to roam around outside and meet with her later in one of the restaurants in the vicinity after she’s through with her shopping. While I was on my own wandering, I came across a street filled with graffiti. I was fascinated by what I saw and right there and then I decided to do a project entitled “Paintings on the wall.” It’s a collection of graffiti that I photograph during our travels, but most of them are around the city. Here’s some photo that I took.

_pjo6592_hdrWhen the elephant walker meets the dog walker.

_pjo7050Blame game

img_4865_hdrBunda in Portuguese it simply means ASS. 🙂

_pjo4256Stoned !

_pjo4249Banksy Tunnel Graffiti

_pjo6887The Magpieproject by: International Street Artist – Flavio Solo

_pjo6602_hdrWhy so serious?

_pjo6599_hdrPretty Face

_pjo6587_hdrHand stand

I would like to give credits to the artist, unfortunately I don’t know them. Except 1 that I already mentioned. If anybody happen to know the artist name, nickname or alias who painted the graffiti and the title of the art, I would appreciate it if you could let me know so that I can give credits to them. Thanks !



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